Shisong Hospital, Cameroon

The hospital is run by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis.

St. Elizabeth General Hospital in Shisong, Cameroon, needed help to pay for life saving cardiac operations for children.

The appeal then (2007) was for help to build and maintain a cardiac centre in the hospital itself so that children and families could be together rather than flying to Italy to receive the lifesaving surgery.

The hospital is located in the Northwest Province, an Anglophone zone.  The population of Kumbo, the nearest large town, is approximately 100,000.  The mountainous location is nearly 1 mile above sea level, permitting improved health and less malaria than proximal lowland areas.  Located far inland, the region has had limited colonial influence and retains strength of tradition. 

The hospital was founded in 1935 by missionaries from South Tyrol; it has grown to its current size of 350 beds with nearly 100 outpatient visits per day. ¬†The staff generally consists of 2 expatriates and 2 indigenous physicians. ¬†Considerable clinical activity is carried out by nurses ‚Äď the hospital runs a nursing school of approximately 50 students.

We have been instrumental in obtaining and shipping over 1.5 million francs of medical equipment to the hospital.

Sister Alphonsa writes: ‚ÄúYour donation has marked down a considerable amount in the furnishing cost of the cardiac centre ‚Ķ may everyone who contributed in any way to this donation be richly blessed by our God. ¬†Our accountability in the use of the items is part of the manifestation of our gratitude. ¬†God bless you immensely.‚ÄĚ

The Sisters send an account of money we send and give details of who was helped.  The cost of surgery and after care is 5000 Euros.

See below for photos of the hospital, the Sisters, Surgeons, Nurses and Children we have helped. 

Here some pictues of the hospital



Link to the hospital's September 2013 newsletter