Indian Orphanage

In 2010 the ESCM was approached by Fr Francis Boddu of the Catholic Orphange and Mission Centre in Tadepalligudem, India, in the Diocese of Eluru.

Fr Francis asked for financial assistance with the running costs of the orphanage and to help with schooling and clothing. The ESCM agreed to help and to take on the project for a year.

Fr Francis has kept us informed through emails and photographs from the orphage and parish.

You can see here some photographs.

This year Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu, Diocese of Eluru, has written to ask again for our support. He writes; " Dear Father John..... Fr Francis is seeking the financial aid for educational support to 20 orphan children in the hostel and 50 most unfortunate children from eleven remote sub-stations of mission parish of Tadepalligudem.

I would be very happy if you come forward to extend your financial help and support so that the parish priest and all the community will be ever grateful to you.

I request you to kindly consider his application and enable him to serve the impoverished people better."

In Jan 2012 I will visit both the orphange and the Widows Project in India, to see first hand the work and needs of the projects. At the moment there is a small group who are interested in raising raising funds and awareness of the Widows Project: LINK

It is hoped that the children of the ESCM, with the help of their parents and catechists, will help support the Orphange through learning about the children and raising funds specifically for the project. The children of the ESCM are extremely talented and generous at such things; last year they raised funds for Haiti through a bring and buy sale.