Whether you are visiting from another parish, another city, another country or renewing your faith after an absence, we are pleased to have you visit our web site. We also hope you will be able to come and worship with us.                    

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The English Speaking Roman Catholic Mission in Zurich has been worshipping in St Anton`s Swiss Catholic Parish, since 1962.

St Anton`s Church is a magnificent and beautiful building which in 2009 celebrated 100 years as a place of worship.

<some photographs of St Anton`s Church>

The ESCM serves all Catholics who speak English, live in Canton Zurich, and wish to pray and receive the Sacraments in the English language.

Thank you for visiting with us ‚Äď whether in the church itself or on our web site.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit and that you will join us again soon.


2 + 3 September for the Father Roberts Institute, Lebanon = Chf 1'468.35

9 + 10 September for the Irtysh Valley Project, Kazakhstan = Chf 1'775.15

16 + 17 September for the Work of the Mission = Chf 1'399.60

23 + 24 September 2017 for Water storage tanks at St. Maria Goretti Girls' School, Uganda

= Chf 1'986.10

Thank you all for your generosity!

C O L L E C T I O N S     I N     N O V E M B E R

4 + 5 November‚Äď These collections are for the work and needs of our own Mission community.¬† More info: www.englishmission.ch

11 + 12 November ‚Äď These collections are for assistance to get a water storage facility and pit latrines for St. Maria Goretti girls‚Äô primary school in the Archdiocese of Juba, South Sudan, as well as to enable the purchase of sorghum, beans and maize flour that shall be distributed to 4,500 refugees especially children and women at Mundary in Tali Mission in the same Archdiocese.¬† The appeal comes to us from the Franciscan Elizabethan Sisters based there.

18 + 19 November ‚Äď These collections are for the Irtysh Valley Project, to help poor families with children, belonging to the parish of St. Teresa in Pavlodar Province, in the Valley of the Irtysh River, North-East Kazakhstan.¬† Our donation will help provide Winter clothes, school starter kits, firewood and coal for heating, as well as food.

25 + 26 November ‚Äď This weekend‚Äôs collections are for the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph in Nadiket Moroto Diocese, Uganda, to build 5 10‚Äô000 litre roof water storage tanks at the school they run, the Maria Garrett Girls‚Äô School.¬† This water supply will also serve St. Gonzaga Catholic Parish in Moroto Diocese.

M A S S     S C H E D U L E

01 Nov   Wednesday   7:00pm            Solemnity of All Saints

03 Nov   Friday           6:00pm           5:30pm Adoration

04 Nov   Saturday       6:00pm

05 Nov   Sunday         11:15am         Commemoration of the faithful departed

10 Nov   Friday           6:00pm

11 Nov   Saturday       6:00pm

12 Nov   Sunday         11:15am

17 Nov   Friday           6:00pm

18 Nov   Saturday       6:00pm

19 Nov   Sunday         11:15am

24 Nov   Friday           6:00pm

25 Nov   Saturday       6:00pm

26 Nov   Sunday         11:15am         Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

01 Dec   Friday           6:00pm           5:30pm Adoration

02 Dec   Saturday       6:00pm

03 Dec   Sunday         11:15am         1st Sunday of Advent

All services are celebrated in St. Anton‚Äôs RC Church, Minervastrasse, Zurich ‚Äď Friday, Saturday and for the Solemnity of All Saints in the Crypt - Sunday in the upper Church.

Please contact Renata for any enquiries.

Secretary’s office hours:

Monday-Friday ‚Äď 8:30-11:30 + 13:30-16:30 (Thursday afternoon closed)