Children's Liturgy

Children 3–6 years old

Availability of the Children’s Liturgy is indicated by an announcement after the general greeting at the start of the 11.15am Sunday Mass.  It is also entered in our online calendar.


Attendance is open to children 3–6 years old.

Younger children or those attending for the first time should be accompanied by an adult.  If you would like your child to join in the Children’s Liturgy, we ask that you go with them the first few times to make sure that they are settled in the group.  The Children’s Liturgy also depends heavily on parental participation – you do a turn once in a while.  Even if you are not a parent, your help is also very gratefully accepted!

Children's Liturgy Programme - Calling All Volunteers!

The Children's Liturgy is offered for children ages 3-6 during the Sunday 11:15 Mass.  In order for this ministry to be successful, we need volunteers to lead the weekly sessions on a rota basis.  Leading the sessions is an easy and impactful way to get involved - we have workbooks and materials on hand.

If you feel like you might be able to help with this programme (even if only occasionally), please contact the mission office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We thank you in advance for your support.